Countryman E6 earset microphone

The Unobtrusive Headworn Mic!

Perfect on stage or in church, the Countryman Isomax EarSet is the answer when you need the highest possible sound quality without the bulk and appearance of conventional headsets. Light and springy, Isomax EarSets clip around your ear, not around your head. They never interfere with your hairstyle, headphones or hat.

Countryman Isomax E6 Earset Features:

Terminates at a 3.5 mm locking plug connector for Sennheiser EW100, EW300 or EW500

Color: Tan

Very, very small! So small it's practically invisible from more than 15 feet away.

Ultra-lightweight! You won't even know you're wearing it.

High-quality microphone.

Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional