Rent a Profoto OCF Zoom Reflector

Rent a Profoto OCF Zoom Reflector in Cyprus


-Compact and lightweight design for on-location use.

Up to 1.2 f-stops added light output.

-Creates an even light spread with smooth fall-off.

-Zoom function for adjusting light spread – shape the light by simply sliding the reflector back and forth on the head.

-Light spread adjustable 55-85⁰ with B1X, B1, D1 and D2.

-Easy to bring mounted onto your Profoto light – fits in BackPack M, Bag XS and Bag S Plus when mounted onto B1X, B1, D1 or D2.

-Designed for years of professional use.

Techinsche gegevens

Equipment in de advertentie: OCF Zoom Reflector
Merk: Profoto
Totale vervangingswaarde van apparatuur: 200
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