RED Gemini

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Product details:

RED GEMINI 5K S35 is shaking the camera technology industry with its new unique design. GEMINI 5K S35’s sensitivity modes look to increase the EPIC-W’s versatility

The GEMINI 5K S35 can switch between two sensitivity modes, hence the name. The two modes include a standard mode and a low light mode.

The sensor’s standard mode, which is the sensor’s default sensitivity, is reported to hold onto all the important details of an image in brightly lit shooting conditions. On the flip side of the sensitivities, RED says that the GEMINI 5K S35’s low light mode is “exceptional,” capturing less noise and more shadow detail over previous RED sensors.

Dual native ISO consists of two seperate native ISOs. In the case of the GH5s, those native ISOs are found at ISO 400 and ISO 2,500. When increasing the ISO from 400, the amount of noise will increase until it hits ISO 2,500. At the point, the noise ratio essentially resets and the image becomes as clear as it was at ISO.

So in comparison to RED’s dual sensitivity modes, they both give videographers the flexibility to shoot in either brighter situations or in low light with minimal noise, giving them both two base ISO levels.


Gear in listing: RED Gemini
Brand: RED
Total replacement value of gear: 22500
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