Atomos Shogun Inferno set

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Atomos Shogun Inferno Recorder incl. 2x SSD + NPF Accus


Set your set ablaze with Shogun Inferno, the ultimate 7" HDR monitor/recorder. Record ProRes RAW, ProRes, DNxHR or CDNG.


Record ProRes RAW

Unlock the true potential of your RAW cinema camera with the Shogun Inferno. Preserve your sensor’s pristine pixels in ProRes RAW at up to 5.7kp30, 4kp120 DCI/UHD and 2kp240 DCI/HD. CDNG supports up to 4kp30 DCI. Inferno is compatible with Sony FS series, Canon C300MKII/C500 or Panasonic EVA-1/Varicam LT.



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