Motorized Video Slider GP-120QD med tilt head

Der medfølger:

- GP-120QD Motorized Video Slider

- Softcase

- Tilt head

- 2x NP-F550

- NP-F batteri lader


- 80cm Long

- Motorized camera slider 6 in 1 with tracking shooting, panoramic shooting, time lapse, video capture, free set starting point, and endpoint

- Fixed-point shooting will adjust the red knob on both sides of the slide to the upper left corner and the lower right corner

- 120 degrees panorama shooting will slider the red knob on both sides of the camera slide to the lower left corner and the upper right corner

- Set the starting and ending points as needed, the sliding speed, the dwell time, the sliding distance, the pause time, the number of pictures etc.

- The sides and the middle of the more than 1/4 "and 3/8" screw holes can be installed on the tripod to support multiple angles


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